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How Healthcare Premiums Have Changed

January 8, 2013

The Washington Post recently rehashed a New York Times article that details the recent changes to healthcare premiums. Among the findings, as reported by Sarah Kliff: 1) The average American family pays $15,022 a year in health insurance premiums. (The average South Carolinian pays just a smidgen more than the national average.) 2) Insurance premium growth has wiped out…

South Carolina’s National Health Rankings Released

December 13, 2012

The United Health Foundation has released a study detailing 2012 national health rankings for all 50 states. Here is where South Carolina stands: 46th overall in rankings of healthiest states. In 2011, South Carolina was 45. 49th in prevalence of diabetes 39th in smoking prevalence 42nd overall in obesity ranking Strengths: Low prevalence of binge drinking Moderate rate…

Consumers Save $1.5 Billion Thanks to New Health Insurance Rules

December 10, 2012

$1.5 billion. That’s the amount consumers saved last year under new health care reform rules that forced health insurance companies to become more efficient. According a study by the Commonwealth Fund and reported by The Huffington Post, the Obama administration’s new health care law requires health insurance companies selling plans to individuals to spend at…

[GRAPHIC] Where Do States Stand on Medicaid Expansion?

December 9, 2012

Via: The Advisory Board Company

Kathleen Sebelius

New Health Insurance Reform Rules Released

November 21, 2012

The Department of Health and Human Services has released a set of guidelines setting out to end discrimination against the sick, and guarantee minimum benefits for Americans who currently are not covered by health insurance but will be once the new health care law is enacted January 1, 2014. The guidelines, released by Secretary Kathleen…

Affordable Care Act

How the Affordable Care Act Is Making a Difference in South Carolina

November 7, 2012

Since its passage, the Affordable Care Act is improving life for South Carolinians every day. However, what is the ACA doing to improve our lives?  gives a great rundown of the benefits the ACA brings to the state. It provides new coverage options for young adults. Parents can now keep their children coverage on their…

Wells Fargo

[REPORT] Wells Fargo: Government’s Reimbusement for Expanded Medicaid Coverage “Too Good to Pass Up”

November 1, 2012

Wells Fargo recently released a report detailing the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that states expand their Medicaid program. In its findings, Wells Fargo financial advisors concluded that expanding Medicaid coverage is “too good to pass up.” Click below to read the full report (pdf). Medicaid Expansion Update_081712[1]

U.S. to Sponsor Two Nationwide Health Insurance Plans

October 30, 2012

President Obama’s health care law is finally in motion. According to an article by Robert Pear of The New York Times, the Obama administration will begin to sponsor two nationwide health care plans that will be offered in every state. These plans are a substitute for a pure government-run health insurance program and will increase…

Why Is Health Care Getting More Expensive?

October 26, 2012

Kaiser Health News asked themselves this very question and concluded with several factors (courtesy of the Bipartisan Policy Center) that can be attributed to rising health care expenses (exceeding $2.6 trillion) in the United States: 1. We pay our doctors, hospitals and other medical providers in ways that reward doing more, rather than being efficient. Most…

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