How Medicaid Helped Lisa Obtain Medication: Martin Park Community | Charleston, SC

One of the most impactful things about Medicaid is its ability to dramatically lower the cost of medication. In this story from Lisa Boston, a resident of the Charleston area around Martin Park, she tells us about how the program helped dramatically cut costs for her needs.

"I've been on Medicaid about 4 to 5 years. I started getting it when I got on disability. Medicaid helps me with my deductibles. It helps me get my medicine and pays for my doctor's visits. I don't have to pay for anything. I have an inhaler that would cost me $100, but with Medicaid I only pay $3.50. And for my blood pressure medicine it doesn't cost me anything. Medicaid also pays for my doctors' visits. I go every year to get my mammogram and any checkups for the year.  Recently I had a stress test done and the doctors always take good care of me. And I have had tests done that I have needed and have not cost me anything."

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