Medicaid Stories Project: Martin Park - Charleston, SC

About Martin Park

Located just outside of downtown Charleston, Martin Park is the area's largest public grounds for sports and recreation. The park provides everything from basketball and tennis courts to a playground and a full year-round community swimming pool. Outside of the park is the site of vast community change visibly happening all around the quiet community's borders. The downtown's rapid growth of out of the peninsula has led to the construction of high-rises descending closer and closer to the community. The historic community around the park that has been a fixture of the area for decades is one that may see big changes soon as construction reshapes the world around it.

We visited with members of the Martin Park community outside downtown Charleston to learn more about the health care challenges in the area.

"Medicaid helps me with my deductibles. It helps me get my medicine and pays for my doctor's visits. I don't have to pay for anything. I have an inhaler that would cost me $100, but with Medicaid I only pay $3.50. And for my blood pressure medicine it doesn't cost me anything."

Feature: How Medicaid Helped Lisa Obtain Medication: Martin Park Community | Charleston, SC

Lisa Boston shares her experience with Medicaid, and how it impacted the expensive costs of medication for her.

Rayelle Davis: Martin Park Community | Charleston, SC

We spoke with Rayelle Davis, a young mother in Charleston, about the pros and cons of her health care experiences on Medicaid.

Robin Durant, Martin Park Community | Charleston, SC

In the following interview, we spoke with Robin Durant about her health care access challenges despite a stable job.