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Palmetto Children’s Health Initiative

Linking Every SC Child to an Affordable & Appropriate Medical Home

In November 2009, the Palmetto Project announced the launch of a new statewide initiative to link every child under age 18 to a medical home that is both affordable and appropriate.  There are 111,000 uninsured children in the state, most of whom are also eligible for the state’s SCHIP health insurance for children in families with incomes up to 200% of poverty.

“Children are falling through the cracks in a state where there is care that is available.  When they do get care, it is very often in an emergency room,” said Palmetto Project Executive Director Steve Skardon.  “We expect to see costs go down.  Having children go without medical care is far more expensive than having them under the care of a physician.”

The program will be a combination of roll-up-your-sleeves canvassing, state-of-the-art data collection and tracking, and public education.  The first year of the project will be concentrated in areas along the coast of where the largest numbers of uninsured children live.  After that the initiative will be expanded to all 46 counties.  The initiative is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

  • An estimated 111,000 SC children 17 and under are without health insurance of any kind.  Most of them are likely eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP coverage.

Toll Free # (888) 998-4646

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