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How Effective Will A Federal Health Exchange Be?

July 20, 2011

From Politico: New state health insurance marketplaces are supposed to be set up in every state  by 2014. By J. LESTER FEDER | 7/18/11 10:31 PM EDT Will there really be a strong federal health insurance exchange to take over for states that don’t build their own? Or is it a paper tiger? That question…

Report Stresses Medicaid’s Efficacy

June 13, 2011

From First Focus: New Report Reveals Medicaid’s Enormous Success in Protecting Children & Vulnerable Populations Washington D.C. – Today, with threats of serious budget cuts looming, a new report demonstrates the effectiveness of the Medicaid program in addressing the health and financial needs of children and other vulnerable populations. The synthesis, entitled Medicaid Works: A…

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