How Will Healthcare Reform Benefit Seniors?

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  • $250 rebate for Medicare Part D prescription drugs if your cost exceeds $2,700—that is, if you fall into the doughnut hole
  • All guaranteed Medicare benefits remain intact, and reforms help the program remain solvent for years to come


  • 50% discount on brand-name drugs
  • Co‐payments and deductibles eliminated for annual check-ups, preventive services and screening—such as mammograms and colonoscopies
  • Investments in training more primary care providers, which will provide greater access to doctors
  • Stronger incentives for hospitals to reduce avoidable, harmful re-admissions, reduce medical errors, and prevent acquired infections from medical settings
  • Annual wellness visits allow you take steps to stay healthy


  • Return to fairness as subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans reduced back in-line with traditional Medicare
  • Advantage plans required to spend at least 85% of its revenue from premiums and subsidies on medical claims
  • Medicare Advantage plans that meet certain quality standards will receive bonuses; this creates incentives to provide quality care
  • Medicare Advantage plans cannot reduce basic, guaranteed Medicare benefits, but some extras—such as free eyeglasses and gym memberships—will likely be reduced


  • New payment reform pilot projects within Medicare to develop and evaluate bundled payments, which create a financial incentive for providers to be more efficient and avoid wasteful, ineffective treatments


  • Doughnut hole closes; beneficiary cost-sharing reduced to 25% of total cost of prescription drugs, annually

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