“We Simply Can’t Support This.” South Carolina’s views on Medicad Expansion

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“We can’t afford it!” appears to be the trending attitude in a few states about the recent Medicaid expansion, South Carolina included.

South Carolina Governor strongly voiced opposition to the expansion.

ImageSouth Carolina’s Nikki Haley wrote in an op-ed that the “price tag to South Carolina tax payers” would be “an extra $1.1 to $2.3 billion” over the next six years. In fact, the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid Expansion and the Uninsured calculated that South Carolina would have to kick in between $470 million and $615 million, depending on how many people chose to enroll. Again, in the first six years of the expansion, the federal government would pay for more than 95 percent of the total costs, between $11.4 and $12.7 billion depending on the participation rate.

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