The Fight for Insured Mothers

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Children of depressed mothers can be severely affected by their mother’s condition. As Georgetown University reports, a child whose mother lives in depression can grow up with learning, health and safety detriments. Mother’s depression can also compromise their child’s cognitive, psychosocial and behavioral development, as well as their long-term mental and physical health.

Many mothers who suffer from depression are hindered from obtaining medical help because for many, their insurance does not cover mental illness. But when the Affordable Care Act is implemented in 2014, mothers who had previously loss their Medicaid coverage when their child was born will be able to retain it, allowing for depressed mothers living in poverty to have access to treatment.

There are states, however, where the ACA’s Medicaid expansion will not take effect. Advocates of the expansion are researching reforms to identify depressed mothers of young children and link them to effective treatment and are currently addressing the importance of the Medicaid and ACA collaboration. Only time will tell if the strategies are successful.

To read more about Medicaid’s vital role in the ACA, click here.

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