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Why Healthcare Reform Matters To ‘Occupy Wall Street’

October 25, 2011

From Forbes: By E.D. Kain 10/23/2011 @ 6:18PM Nearly every country in the developed world has some form of universal access to health insurance. The glaring exception to this rule is the United States. As a proponent of free markets, I find this to be a glaring failure on the part of American policy makers…

Wal-Mart Rolls Back Employee Healthcare Benefits

October 21, 2011

From The New York Times: Paul Taggart/Bloomberg News Thereby returning an untold percentage of its workforce to the Medicaid rolls. By STEVEN GREENHOUSE and REED ABELSON Published: October 20, 2011 Citing rising costs, Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private employer, told its employees this week that all future part-time employees who work less than 24 hours a week on…

Bank Of America, Macy’s Workers Relying On Medicaid

August 11, 2011

From The Hartford Courant: While the article below pertains to Connecticut, some of the same miserly companies operate in South Carolina with government-subsidized work forces. By Matthew Sturdevant If you think about who is on Medicaid, workers at Bank of America and Macy’s probably don’t come to mind. And yet both companies employ people either…

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