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Feds Readying To Pick Up States’ Slack, Implement ACA

September 12, 2011

From The Washington Post: By N.C. Aizenman, Published: September¬†10 Across the country, states are lagging in preparations to erect the health insurance market¬≠places at the heart of the 2010 health-care overhaul, bogged down by a combination of partisan hostility and practical hurdles. Faced with the delay, administration officials have been ramping up talks with state…

Alabama Embraces Reforms, Shames Neighboring States

June 6, 2011

From Politico: Gov. Bentley issued an executive order to move forward on an insurance exchange. | AP Photo . By SARAH KLIFF | 6/6/11 4:38 AM EDT Alabama is a deep red, Deep South state with a health policy that is taking on a decidedly blue tinge these days. Last week alone, Republican Gov. Robert…

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