A Conversation with Selena T. Adams, Eastover Resident

In the following interview, we speak with Selena T. Adams about her health care story. Selena Adams is a client at the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care and a long time resident of the area. The following interview was conducted with Selena along with the assistance of Cassandra DeVeaux, owner of the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care.

Selena [sitting] with Cassandra DeVeaux


"Well in 2000, I had my first stroke… Then I had another in 2001… They just kept on coming."

We met Ms. Selena Williams at the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care in Eastover. Selena is originally from New Jersey. There, she taught ninth grade science for over 22 years. In 2001, Selena's life changed when she had a brain aneurysm which halted her career. Shortly after, she her and husband moved down to South Carolina to be closer to her husband's family for support. Her health issues continued over the years, with another major stroke over the past year limiting her speech and mobility.

Selena began receiving Medicaid to help support her surgeries and home care. The Medicaid program helped provide assistance in making her bathroom handicap-friendly, pay for medical bills, cover for patient care assistance, and access to the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care.

"She doesn't have to worry about her doctor bills and things like that," says Cassandra DeVeaux, founder of the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care. "She doesn't have to worry about being here with us and wondering how her bills are going to get paid or anything like that - and her occupational therapist and her physical therapist, they come here to help service her."

Selena says the day care has meant a lot to her. "Getting out of the house," says Selena. "Not being there by myself. I lost use of my hands. Now I can use them… I love it. I love it."

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