Michelle Taylor, Lake City Parent

In the following interview, we speak with Michelle Taylor, whom we met in Lake City, South Carolina at the local back-to-school event. We learn about her large family and how Medicaid has helped them make ends meet.

“My name is Michelle Taylor, just recently moved to Lake City a few years ago. Originally from Myrtle Beach, from Georgia as well.

I have six kids that are on Medicaid. It has helped me out a lot. You know, save money for me to do extra stuff for the kids so far as extra curriculum activities at home, you know tutor, those types of things. So Medicaid is very beneficial. It provides them dental services, their yearly checkups. You know, I'm a mom of a large amount of kids so I can make sure that they stay healthy. Vaccinations... It helps a lot.

It was very hard for me to get health insurance, being that in the beginning I was getting like, very low minimum wages and I couldn't afford to pay the monthly expenses. It just put me in a bind a lot of times. But you know now that I have insurance, Medicaid insurance, I don't have any problems now.

It has helped me by basically helping me save money, build up my credit score and now I'm able to buy a house now next year, you know - my first. I have a car now, you know, it's just financially it helped me balance myself out. You know, it's really good. If anybody needs out, honestly recommend that they do it because it would be beneficial. I know it's hard sometimes trying to get help from other people, but it does work.”

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