Medicaid Stories Project: Eastover, SC

The quiet town of Eastover is located in the Southeast corner of Richland County. The town was established from Antebellum plantations "such as Goodwill, Bellaire, Hook-Elliott, and Singleton, which is now known as Kensington Plantation." Its name stems from its location, east of the Congaree River and also east of Columbia, SC. The town was officially incorporated March 6, 1907. "By 1910 Eastover, then the only incorporated town in the county outside of Columbia, boasted a post office, a bank, several stores, and a cotton gin. In 1984 Union Camp, later International Paper, opened a pulp and paper plant near the town."

"I am eligible for State insurance, but I don't have it at this time. And um the main reason I don't have it is because I feel that I can't afford it now. I don't make that much money, and the reason being is that I am a single parent and I have two school aged children and they are on Medicaid because I can't afford insurance for them now. One of my children, her father, carries her so she actually has both insurances, but we have to use the one that he has, which is I believe BlueCross Blue Shield. We use that first, and if we need to use the Medicaid then we do." - Lower Richland Resident

Feature: How Medicaid Helped a Single Mother in Eastover

In the following interview, we spoke with a single mother in Eastover, South Carolina that chose to be anonymous for the conversation. She shares the impact of Medicaid on her family, particular her children and the decisions she's had to make as a single mother when it comes to health care.

A Conversation with Delores L. Jones, Eastover Resident

In the following interview, we speak with Delores L. Jones about her experiences with the Medicaid program. Delores attends the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care. She formerly worked over 30 years for state agencies before retirement.

Eastover Demographics

Population: 868
Median Age: 38.1
84% of Residents were Born in Eastover

Demographic Breakdown
Black or African American: 89.45%
White: 6.01%
Other race: 2.67%
Asian: 0.93%
Two or more races: 0.93%
Native American: 0.00%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.00%


Featured Story: Selena Adams

In the following interview, we speak with Selena T. Adams about her health care story. Selena Adams is a client at the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care and a long time resident of the area. The following interview was conducted with Selena along with the assistance of Cassandra DeVeaux, owner of the Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care.

A Conversation with Cassandra DeVeaux, Founder of Mother DeVeaux Adult Day Care

In the following interview, we speak with Cassandra DeVeaux about her work in the community, especially at her adult day care.

A Conversation with Roosevelt Gibson “Rabbit” (RG), Eastover Resident

In the following interview, we speak with "Rabbit" about his health care access as a resident of Eastover. Rabbit currently works part-time at the Eastover Community Garden, helping tend to the field with his lifelong expertise in farming.