Rayelle Davis: Martin Park Community | Charleston, SC

In our brief conversation with Rayelle, a mother of five from the Martin Park area of Charleston, she shares her thoughts on Medicaid, and a challenge she has had with the program.


Rayelle lives in Charleston, SC with her fiancé and five children. She is a janitor at  Clyde Elementary School. She has relied on the Medicaid program for two years now. When applying for the program Rayelle said "It didn't really take that long. It started immediately."

The program helps maintain her family's health.

"I mean it helps us out… They help out with reminders (for doctor visits). They give us this card last year for helping us with the doctor visits, for me and the kids, me and my daughter."

Rayelle says she struggles to be on time to go see the doctors. When asked about what her biggest challenges with the program has been, she replied "Trying to get transportation for the doctor, that's about it."

Issues with the Program

Rayelle mentioned she owes money for a previous doctor visit where certain "things" were not covered. She said the doctor she went to is a Medicaid provider. She was unaware that she owed money until recently and has a desire to get the issue resolved but hasn't yet.

"I owe some money. I just found out I owe some money. I'm already in debt. I went to the doctor, and I thought Medicaid covered it. It didn't cover a couple of things. I don't know why it wasn't covered. I may have to go to the county. It's now in collections."

As a result of her experience, Rayelle feels the program could do better to make it clear what is covered and what is not in writing.



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