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Preventive Services Covered by Private Health Plans Under the ACA

The Affordable Care Act created new requirements that private insurers cover preventive services, including routine immunizations, screenings for conditions such as cancer and high cholesterol, and preventive services for women. A new fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation outlines these prevention requirements and discusses the impact they may have.

Under the ACA, private health plans – other than those that were in existence prior to March 23, 2010 and have “grandfathered” status – must provide coverage for a range of preventive services and may not charge any copayments, deductibles, or co-insurance to patients receiving these services. The majority of the preventive care requirements went into effect for non-grandfathered plans beginning on September 23, 2010; starting August 1, 2012, non-grandfathered insurance plans will be required to cover the additional services recommended for women’s preventive care. The fact sheet examines which types of preventive services must be offered to individuals in general and which preventive services must be offered to special populations such as children, youth and women. The fact sheet also includes a table with a summary of federally-recommended preventive services.

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a leader in health policy analysis, health journalism and communication, is dedicated to filling the need for trusted, independent information on the biggest health issues facing our nation and its people. The Foundation is a non-profit private operating foundation, based in Menlo Park, California.

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