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Will Health Reform Lead to Job Loss?

June 8, 2012

Some people fear that health reform may result in job loss. They feel that when employers are required to offer health insurance coverage or make payments related to a worker, employers will reduce wages and/or other worker compensation over time to cover those new costs. However, recent evidence from Massachusetts suggests otherwise. Prepared by the…

SC Department of Health and Human Serivces Update

May 10, 2012

SC Department of Health and Human Serivces Update for those who may have been impacted by SC Medicaid Security Breach For those families or individuals that may be of limited English proficiency please read the following mesage: Here is the information you requested; In order to monitor an individual’s credit, there has to be a…

Bonuses eliminated by House Committee

May 3, 2012

The House Energy and Commerce Committee voted last week to eliminate performance bonuses for states that streamline their Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) procedures and reduce red tape so that more eligible low-income children can get and keep health coverage. How do you think this will affect our state? South Carolina is apart…

Good News for Seniors

April 30, 2012

Affordable Care Act  looks promising for seniors. Read More: The Affordable Care Act- Stronger Benefits to Seniors, Billions on Savings This Year   What are you thoughts, is this what you expected?

SC Medicaid agency employee violates policy, more than 200k people breached

April 19, 2012

South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services recently discovered a violation of agency policy when an employee working within the Medicaid division inappropriately transferred personal information of 228,435 Medicaid beneficiaries to his personal email account. Learn more details here: SCRN

Regarding Low-Income America & Access To Healthcare….

February 8, 2012

The Only Way To Go Is Up.  

Post & Courier Readers, Beware Of Industry Flacks

January 10, 2012

Ken Burger Charleston’s Post & Courier appears to have embraced the sketchy practice of running columns by industry-sponsored columnists, who inevitably blur the crucial line between independent commentator and shill. In this case, former P&C columnist Ken Burger has returned to the paper, but now with backing from Roper Medical Center. Nothing personal against Burger,…

Moment of Schadenfreude: Anti-ACA Candidate Bites Dust

January 5, 2012

Over at National Journal, Sophie Quinton rightly notes that one of the GOP’s fiercest crusaders against Obamacare has fallen by the electoral wayside. In fact, that candidate’s entire campaign was founded on dismantling healthcare reform. Oh, well, Michelle. The people have spoken. Igor Volsky at Think Progress also jumped on this point a little later,…

Meet The New 1%: Healthcare CEOs Beat Out Bankers

December 15, 2011

From The Guardian: Joel Gemunder, CEO Omnicare, had a total pay package in 2010 worth $98m. No bankers in top 10 of America’s best-paid executives, but those in charge of healthcare and drugs firms are in the money. By Dominic Rushe Wednesday 14 December 2011 Pity Wall Street’s bankers. Once the highest-paid bosses in the…

SCOTUS To Review New Law’s Individual Mandate

November 14, 2011

From Talking Points Memo: By Brian Beutler November 14, 2011 The U.S. Supreme Court will review the constitutionality of a key part of President Obama’s health care law, and will likely issue a decision by July 2012, in the middle of next year’s election. Monday’s announcement comes just days after the latest appeals court ruling…

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