How does the Affordable Care Act Benefit Women?

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  • All new plans cover preventive services—such as screening and tests like mammograms—with no co-payments or deductibles for preventive services
  • Women are more likely than men to work for small businesses that don’t offer health insurance, and will benefit from new tax credits to help small businesses provide coverage to employees
  • No woman pays higher premiums just because of her gender
  • Insurance companies no longer discriminate because of pre-existing conditions, like pregnancy, caesarean section births, domestic violence, or breast cancer
  • Health plans required to cover maternity and newborn care
  • Health plans required to cover pediatric services (including dental and vision care), prescription drugs, laboratory services, and mental health services
  • Nursing mothers who work for a company with more than 50 employees are allowed by law reasonable break time and location to express breast milk
  • Low-income women enrolled in Medicaid gain access to new services and providers, including: maternal, infant and early childhood home visiting programs; support services and education about post-partum depression; and free-standing birth centers

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