The Cigarette Tax Has Passed! Congrats to Everyone Who Worked So Hard For So Long

Yesterday the General Assembly voted to override Gov. Mark Sanford’s veto.  After thirty- three years and an eight year effort South Carolina has finally increased its cigarette tax!

We have successfully raised the once lowest in the nation tax, from a measly seven cents to fifty-seven cents per pack. The House vote of 90-29 and the Senate vote of 33-13 will help to raise an estimated $135 million to  fund our struggling Medicaid program, cancer research and smoking cessation programs.

We sincerely thank all the legislators that stood up and opposed Sanford’s veto to do what was just and needed for South Carolina’s citizens.

This was a collaborative effort, and we thank all the many groups who supported and aided this nearly decade-long battle.

Please take a minute to read the articles about this historic passage and tune into WIS News Watch on Sunday morning at 10:30 to see Sue Berkowitz explain the importance of the increase.

Senate Overrides Sanford’s cig tax veto

Long road to victory: Higher cigarette tax becomes lawS.C.

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