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Bank Of America, Macy’s Workers Relying On Medicaid

From The Hartford Courant:

While the article below pertains to Connecticut, some of the same miserly companies operate in South Carolina with government-subsidized work forces.

By Matthew Sturdevant

If you think about who is on Medicaid, workers at Bank of America and Macy’s probably don’t come to mind.

And yet both companies employ people either enrolled themselves in the government health care program, or whose children are enrolled.

Walmart tops the list. As of May, 3,654 people in Connecticut who use Medicaid were themselves employed by Walmart or they were children of Walmart workers. That’s a 64 percent increase for the company since 2005.

It means the workers’ wages were low enough to qualify them or their dependents for the free health care program. It also means they either opted out of paying for health insurance offered to them through work, or the health insurance wasn’t offered. It could also mean the health insurance offered through work wasn’t worth the premium employees would have paid, or it was worth it but too pricey. Continue reading

Health Officials Move To Loosen State Requirements

By Noam N. Levey–July 12, 2011

Washington— The Obama administration moved Monday to ease some requirements on states to help them set up new insurance exchanges in 2014, a key feature of the healthcare law the president signed last year.The state-based exchanges are intended to make buying health insurance comparable to shopping the Internet for an airline ticket or a hotel room. And by 2019, the exchanges are expected to provide insurance for an estimated 24 million Americans who don’t get their health insurance from their employer, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Small employers with fewer than 100 workers also will be able to use the exchanges, which will have to offer plans with a minimum level of coverage. No plans will be able to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.