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The South Carolina State Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP is a federal and state support program to provide health insurance for children whose parents don?t qualify for Medicaid, but who also cannot afford to insure their children.

South Carolina has 70,000 opportunities for kids without health insurance to be insured. Through federal and state funds, CHIP (SC Children’s Health Insurance Plan) is available for those struggling families that make too much to be on Medicaid, but not enough to provide health insurance for their children. Out of the 70,000 children this program could help, less than 8,000 children have been registered, for lack of publicity for the program. (A family of 4 can earn $44,100 and be a part of this program.)

The latest figures say that over 130,000 kids in SC do not have health insurance.The program in South Carolina is called: Healthy Connections Kids. Your children would be in a health plan and they would have their own doctor. The doctor would get to know them and their health care needs.

Who can get coverage?

Children can get coverage if all of these items are true:

  • The children are under 19 years of age, are U.S. citizens, and are residents of South Carolina.
  • Each child has a Social Security card or the family agrees to apply for the cards.
  • The family income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • The family’s countable resources (such as cash and money in bank accounts) total $30,000 or less.
  • The children cannot be covered by any other health insurance. Also, they cannot have had health insurance in the last three months – unless that insurance was canceled for a reason that was not the family’s choice.
  • Parents and legal guardians are not employed by the State of South Carolina.

You and the federal poverty level

The federal poverty level is based on your family income and the number of people in your family. Look at the chart below. Find the number of people in your family, then look at the income levels for a family of your size. If your income is the same or less than the amount on the chart, your children may be eligible for coverage.

Children in CHIP/ Health Connection Kids have these benefits:

  • Their own doctor
  • Doctor visits
  • Health checkups
  • Hospital visits
  • Dental care
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Immunizations
  • Vision care and eye glasses
  • Lab work and X-rays
  • Chiropractic services
  • Behavioral health services

How do I apply??

Which Health Plans are available in my county?

Application form

Application check list

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