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How Will Healthcare Reform Benefit The Disabled?



  • Eligibility levels for Medicaid cannot be reduced, states have option to expand


  • States receive incentives to offer home and community-based services, helping you live in your home instead of an institutional setting


  • Increased Medicaid payments for primary care services provided by primary care doctors


  • Medicaid expanded to everybody under age 65 with incomes up to 133% FPL—no asset test



  • Eliminate co‐payments for preventive services
  • Exempt preventive services from deductibles on Medicare
  • $250 rebate to Medicare beneficiaries who incur cost exceeding their $2,700 worth of coverage, called the doughnut hole in Medicare Part D
  • No guaranteed Medicare benefits are cut


  • 50% discount on brand‐name drugs in the doughnut hole
  • Stronger incentives for hospitals to reduce avoidable and harmful re-admissions and reduce medical errors and acquired infections that occur too frequently


  • Doughnut hole is expected to be fully closed; beneficiary cost-sharing reduced to 25% of the total cost of prescription drugs, annually


Beginning in 2014, insurers cannot deny anyone coverage for pre-existing conditions, health premiums cannot be rated based on health status, and no annual or lifetime benefit caps allowed.