States Leaving Insurance Exchanges to Federal Government

Almost half of the United States’ governors have decided not to implement the Obama administration’s new healthcare law. In effect, the insurance markets will be left to run by the federal government.

Health Insurance ExchangesBut now, according to the Los Angeles Times, “What was once viewed as a setback for the Affordable Care Act is increasingly seen as a blessing by consumer advocates, many of whom doubt that officials in some Republican-controlled states are committed to implementing a law they fervently oppose.”

South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center’s Director Sue Berkowitz was quoted in the Times regarding SC’s decision to opt out:

“I’m happy this will be run by the federal government. With such an obstructionist governor and our inability to work with Washington, I just don’t have confidence South Carolina would do right by our uninsured.”

These exchanges allow consumers who currently are not insured to essentially “shop” for healthcare and compare plan benefits easily.

For much more on this new development, please go here:

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