South Carolina’s Health: The Facts

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Curious about the health of South Carolina? The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a comprehensive state-by-state guide of health care facts. Here are their findings on S.C.:

  • 20 percent of the state’s population is uninsured (national average = 16 percent)
  • 14 percent of children in South Carolina are not covered by health insurance (national average = 10 percent)
  • In 2010, South Carolina spent more than $5B on Medicaid
  • South Carolina has more than 820,000 Medicare beneficiaries
  • 44 percent of the state’s insured have employer-provided health insurance; 4 percent have individual
  • Obesity rate of men in South Carolina: White = 26.5 percent; Black = 33 percent; Hispanic = 43.1 percent
  • Obesity rate of women in South Carolina: White = 24 percent; Black = 44 percent; Hispanic = 14.7 percent)
  • 33.7 percent of children in the state are obese (national average = 31.6 percent)

And this is just a snippet of the state of health in S.C. For more stats and data, visit

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