Healthcare Law Even Losing Support Among Democrats

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From NPR:


October 28, 2011

It was striking how relatively infrequently congressional Democrats and President Obama talked up the new health care law during the 2010 mid-term election campaigns.

And that was at a time when the law, though generally unpopular, still had significant support among Democrats.

But now many rank-and-file Democrats have apparently bailed on the law as well, as NPR’s Julie Rovner reports over at our Shots blog. A new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, the support of Democratic voters fell to 52 percent in October from 78 percent in March 2010.

That clearly suggests that Republicans running for president and congressional Republicans have a receptive audience for their message that the law was a mistake.

Meanwhile, it puts Obama and congressional Democrats in the difficult spot of having to defend a law many voters are negative about.

How Democrats navigate the shoals of the public’s growing antipathy towards the health care law in the 2012 campaign will be something to watch with interest.

Fortunately for them, the election is likely to be decided on jobs and the economy, not health care.

Unfortunately for Obama, however, it looks like even many in his political base won’t be energized heading towards Election Day by his health care law achievement.

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