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Good News For Consumers, Courtesy Of Late State Rep.

December 30, 2010

The late Rep. Cathy Harvin of Summerton, S.C. New S.C. Law Protects Choice Of Doctor For Seriously Ill By JIM DAVENPORT – Dec 29, 2010 By The Associated Press COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolinians with serious medical conditions get a new benefit Saturday with a health insurance law that bars insurers from charging them…

So Much For The Mandate To Repeal Health Care Reform (For Now)

December 30, 2010

From U.S. New & World Report: Majority Either Like Health Care Law Or Want It More Liberal By Robert Schlesinger Posted: December 29, 2010 You may have noticed the CNN/Opinion Research poll released earlier this week, which had this all too familiar top-line: 54 percent of voters oppose President Obama’s healthcare reform law. But drill…

ACA Imposes Transparency On Premium Rate Hikes

December 21, 2010

New proposed Affordable Care Act regulations announced today by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will bring new transparency and scrutiny to proposed health insurance rate increases.  These proposed rules allow HHS to work with States to require insurers to publicly disclose and justify unreasonable rate increases. “Year after year, insurance company…

For Mass., Individual Mandate Makes All The Difference

December 20, 2010

By Ezra Klein Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, December 18, 2010; 3:58 PM Unless someone can drop into Anthony Kennedy’s dreamspace and, “Inception”-style, either figure out what he thinks of the individual mandate or simply tell him what to think of the individual mandate, it’s not worth spending much time speculating on the ultimate legal…

Celebrity Economist Urges Protection Of Medicaid

December 20, 2010

Ben Stein, economist. From The Post & Courier: Stein differs with GOP on care By RENEE DUDLEY [email protected] Saturday, December 18, 2010 Celebrity economist Ben Stein said cuts to Medicaid, including those to take effect in South Carolina in February, are a ‘tremendously, tremendously serious problem.’ Stein, who will be in Charleston next month to…

SC Proposes Cutting Hospice, “The Best, Cheapest Option”

December 14, 2010

Andy Burriss [email protected] – – Nurse Jill Ray checks a patient on Monday. SC Hospices Say Medicaid Cuts Would Be ‘Devastating’ By Andrew Dys – Herald Columnist ROCK HILL — Somebody gets “hospice,” they get dignity for the final days, or weeks, and rarely, months. Yet if proposed cuts in South Carolina’s Medicaid program go…

Sorting Fact From Fiction Re: Health Insurance Premiums

December 14, 2010

From the nonpartisan, nonprofit The Truth About Health Insurance Premiums The new law has brought increases for some. But GOP leaders exaggerate. November 19, 2010 Summary Leading Republicans in Congress are blaming the new health care law for double-digit rate increases being sought by insurance companies in Washington state, New York and Connecticut. But…

More Pain For The Poor Of South Carolina

December 13, 2010

SC Medicaid Plan: End Adult Dental, Hospice Care, Etc. By JIM DAVENPORT Associated Press The state’s Medicaid program plans to stop paying for adult dental, vision and hospice services and cut home health visits by a third for the state’s elderly and disabled in February. Meanwhile, the agency plans to eliminate routine infant circumcisions, cut…

Small Biz Tax Credits Available – Get Forms Here!

December 9, 2010

James Rosen | McClatchy Newspapers last updated: December 03, 2010 04:44:22 PM WASHINGTON — As many as 58,000 small businesses in South Carolina may qualify for a new federal tax credit for providing health insurance to their employees, the Treasury Department said Friday. The Internal Revenue Service is sending postcards to the companies, urging them…

Low-Income Arizonans Face Death By Budget Cut

December 6, 2010

From The New York Times: Please note that AZ Gov. Jan Brewer “has in turn blamed ‘Obamacare,’ meaning the federal health care overhaul, for the transplant cuts even though the Arizona vote came in March, before President Obama signed that bill into law.” This is worrisome, especially given the rumblings of Medicaid cutting that we…

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