Costly Coverage: Premiums Outpace Paychecks In South Carolina

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Over the past decade, the cost of health insurance has skyrocketed, while working
families’ wages have merely inched upward. As the recession lingers on, this situation
continues to worsen. Reduced hours and job losses have left millions of families
struggling to afford their share of premiums and millions more with no coverage at all. The
combination of stagnant wages and rising health care costs is placing a growing strain on
family budgets, and many families have reached a breaking point. Quite simply, South Carolina’s
families are being priced out of health coverage.

In addition to higher premiums, working families now face higher out-of-pocket health care
costs, such as higher deductibles, copayments, and costs for services that are not covered by
their insurance plans. As a result, health care costs are consuming an ever-larger portion of
family budgets. It is clear why many South Carolina families feel worse off economically than
they did a decade ago.

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