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The Sun News: Dr. DeMint’s Sugar Pill–Part 1

Part 1: A Band-Aid is not enough

When U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint brought his prescription for a “Health Care Freedom Plan” last week to a restaurant full of area conservatives ailing from an Obamacare overdose, his promises sounded like a free-market cure-all: Tax cuts! Access for everyone! No cost to the taxpayer! And all this in one little bottle!

Technically, “the Obama plan” is a media myth: The president has written no plan, but instead called on Congress to send one to him that dramatically expands coverage to the 46 million Americans without insurance, lowers long-term medical costs and preserves their choice of doctors. The 1,000-page bill opponents love to hate is a version hastily crafted by Democrats in the U.S. House, though a bipartisan committee in the Senate has been working on a very different project since the beginning of the year.

While the DeMint plan’s stated goals are not all that different from the president’s, his plan employs very different strategies than the Democrats’. DeMint readily admits that his is “unlikely” to gain traction in Washington, but calls it a credible alternative.

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